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13 ways to get advertising on TikTok

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How to get advertising on TikTok

The TikTok application in Russia is rapidly gaining momentum and, in terms of the number of users, bypasses important social networks, such as Instagram, VK, etc. The platform was created for fans of filming funny stories or music videos. Due to the enormous number of TikTok visitors, potential advertisers have become interested in the service, which means that TikTokers have a chance to make good money online. But how to get advertising on TikTok, what needs to be done so that the customer chooses you as the executor? This will be discussed further in the article.

Tips for promoting your Tik Tok account

It takes a lot of work to become a popular author and have many followers on your account. For advanced bloggers, there are a lot of opportunities for earning money, but novice filmmakers will have to make a lot of effort to get into the TOP leaders. Then you don't have to search for advertisers yourself. Advertising customers themselves will offer cooperation, and on your terms.

Here are some tips, following which you can become a famous author in a short time and significantly raise your rating on TikTok:

  1. Be an active participant in the project. This means that to be active not only on your page, but also on the pages of other users. Leave comments, like, subscribe.
  2. Monitor your own content daily for updates. Be sure to upload new videos for viewing and discussion.
  3. Communicate with other authors and, if possible, collaborate with them in terms of joint filming, such as a duet. It's not bad if you manage to negotiate with an advanced blogger. This will be great options for promoting your own profile.
  4. Keep up with trends, track changes and try not to lose sight of anything.
  5. Pay attention to the quality of the shooting. Many users refuse to watch videos if the posted material is of poor quality. There is no need to lose followers and fans.
  6. Try to use musical hits in your work to attract the audience.
  7. Try to develop your own style and strictly follow it.
  8. Subject is one of the most important tasks for a blogger. Before filming a new video, you need to carefully work out the theme and plan.
  9. Involve more acquaintances and friends in filming.
  10. Do not ignore other social networks to promote your TikTok account.
  11. Use popular hashtags.
  12. Participate in challenges and other events.
  13. If you are financially able to buy advertising on the platform or from TOP bloggers.
These are not all tips for aspiring TikTokers to become popular. But, following them, it will not be difficult to get advertising on TikTok. When your page has a sufficient number of subscribers and likes, customers themselves will apply with advertising.