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Challenges at TikTok: how to start and how they are useful

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What are challenges
Challenge is translated from English as "challenge", and initially this phenomenon was really an action on a dispute. The Ice Bucket Challenge was especially popular in its time. He had an idea, had a budget and there was, in fact, the dispute itself. The action was conveyed by an esthete, and if someone does not pour a bucket of ice water on his head in 48 hours, he will receive a fine.

Challenges have become wider now. Now this is not just a volunteer movement - it is both an advertising campaign and just a fun pastime. Challenge doesn't need ideas or a budget right now, it just needs to attract as many people as possible. And no one else will oblige you to participate - everything is purely on your voluntary basis.

What can be considered a challenge
A new dance can be considered a challenge. In tiktok, they are very popular, so from time to time new movements sweep through the entire application in a wave that someone invented and after which everyone is now repeating.

The type of challenges, when the action was done on a dispute, also remained. Or rather "weak" - the challenge organizer performs some difficult trick or trick and appeals to everyone who can repeat it. Thus, the chain is repeated. It is also popular with tricksters - roofers, skaters, magicians and so on.

A separate category is creative challenges, which provide a certain framework and ask those who wish to come up with something of their own within this framework. Many artists, sculptors, seamstresses and other creative people of Tiktok can pump their imaginations in this way, so any challenges are perceived by them with special passion. They themselves create them in huge numbers without any commercial basis.

But the most popular are the challenges that can do everything. Most often these are comic videos. For example, a video in the style of “guess the price of an item and I'll buy it for you”.

How to start a challenge in tiktok
Is free

It's completely free to start a challenge, but you need a fan base for that. It is enough just to come up with a hashtag and tell the conditions in the tiktok itself. Perhaps even Sasha's friends will be able to help you, that they will shoot the first sample videos, and then - as it goes.

In this way, you are counting on an idea. If someone walks in, he will record a video, if not, he will pass by. Basically a pretty basic way for all social media.


But besides this, you can also buy challenges in TikTok! This is a special type of advertising that the application itself presents. It is many times easier to get a response here - videos can be shot here not only for the idea, but also for popularity, since the videos appear in the challenge tab - that is, the place is quite noticeable.