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Do I need to cheat in Tik Tok? Expert opinion

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Is it really necessary to wind up subscribers on TikTok?

Tik Tok is rapidly gaining popularity in our country. The Chinese social network quickly blew up the internet with its ad campaign. But this is not about that, but about whether it is necessary to wind up subscribers and likes to this social network?

Let's first figure out what, in principle, there are subscribers and likes. Firstly, accounts with followers and videos with likes are the most popular among other users, and this is a fact. Secondly, videos with likes are more often recommended for viewing by TikTok itself, and they are ranked in search with high priority. This is also a fact.
A large number of subscribers also add weight to videos in search results. All social networks, including TikTok, have such algorithms.
It is most likely worth boosting subscribers, but only if these are not bots, but real people. The situation is the same with likes. The cheat service, if used correctly, only helps to promote the channel.

That's all. We hope you enjoyed the article. Share your opinions in the comments. Also go to our store to order a cheat on TikTok.