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Earnings on creating site ratings - Detailed Guide

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The article was translated from Russian

The content of the article:

  • An Introduction to Rating Marketing.
  • You and your role in this matter.
  • The role of this course in your success.
  • Preparatory stage.
  • Step 1. Preparing the site for the future rating.
  • Step 2. Search for sites for the future rating.
  • Step 3. Creating a landing page for your services.
  • Step 4. Choosing a subject and collecting a database of contacts.
  • Step 5. Creating a commercial offer and mailing.
  • Step 6. Execution of the order.
  • Supplements.
Introduction to Ranking Marketing

Rating marketing is a fairly new direction in Internet marketing. Too many sites are presented in the search results of Yandex and Google. And the Top 3 sites are not always the best. Sometimes people just don't know which service or online store to choose from a large number. In this case, people turn to ratings. For example, they search for "Rating of account stores" or "Rating of online sneaker stores".

Since people cannot make a choice and talk to ratings, then they trust them. Ratings in this case play a significant role in the marketing of any online store. A small part of site owners create such ratings on their own for their projects. But most of them do not create their own ratings, but are placed in such ratings for money. And another part of the site owners do not know anything about Rating Marketing at all. There is a need for ratings, but until now Rating marketing has not been singled out as an independent direction in marketing. Now you have a unique opportunity to occupy this vacuum and earn good money in this area. Rating marketing solves a very important market problem, helps people make a choice. Also, this direction solves other very important tasks: it helps to get new customers for a successful business, helps to get customers and traffic to sites with low positions in the search results. As you can see, the market has a serious need to develop this area. For example, consider the statistics for the query "Rating of Moscow restaurants"

Now you can see from an illustrative example that people turn to such requests very often, and many restaurants do not even have such ratings, and some of them have not even reached this level yet. And our task is to help business owners to take their places in the ratings. An example of a fairly competitive request was given. There are already quite a few such ratings. But site ratings are at least 99% less than the sites themselves. Therefore, in this direction there are many holes in the search, which now is the time to fill. In the future, we will take a closer look at how to search for such niches in the search and get top positions in the search results in 1 month. We will also consider such questions: how to immediately get high positions in the ratings with high competition, the strategy and tactics of finding customers, how to send mailings and create excitement for top positions in the ratings and how to create simple sites, or how to use other people's sites for your own purposes ...


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You and your role in this matter

This activity is exclusively commercial. This business can be combined with any other activity, or only engage in it. Ratings are an intermediate link between the customer's choice and the business. By creating a site ranking you bring the client and the business together. This is your main task. Every business needs customers, and you bring those customers through ratings. Of course, your work should be well rewarded. The level of remuneration depends in large part on the niche in which you are ranking. And how well you sell. We will cover these points in detail in another chapter. As far as your role is concerned, for your customers you are primarily a good marketer who solves an important task - leads customers. You need to position yourself this way. As soon as you get the first client, it means that you are already in demand in this market.

The role of this course in your success

This course is unique and was created according to the method of the author himself. The author of the course himself made money on this for a long time, and later decided to single out Rating Marketing as a separate direction in Internet marketing and create this course.
In this course, all the nuances of this case are clearly worked out. This method of making money has shown itself well for a long time. All unnecessary actions were cut off. Your task is simply to take steps to achieve results. I would like to add. Buying a course does not mean buying your success. Many people think that you can just buy a course and become successful. It's a delusion. You just bought the information and experience of the author. In the future, everything depends only on your actions. It is actions that bear fruit. And the extent to which your actions will be competent already depends on the level of your knowledge. When the right actions are backed up with the right information, they bring maximum profit! I would also like to add that this course is not a guarantee of the success of everyone who reads it and will follow all the recommendations. Why is that? Because everyone has their own experience and life path. Someone will successfully earn on this for a long time, while someone else will earn several times and gain experience that will be useful to him elsewhere. For someone it will be just a side job, but for someone it will be a successful business. As you can see, there can be a lot of development options. More precisely, how many people, so many types of development in this direction.


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Preparatory stage

What will it take to start this business?

  1. Your site or someone else's site. You need to create your own site, and if you already have it, then even better. If you do not have your own site and you do not want to create it, then you will need to look for suitable sites from other webmasters, and negotiate with them about posting articles with your ratings. It turns out that you will share part of your profit with the owner of the site. But this will not mean that you will earn less in this way. Why is that? Because there is already traffic on other people's sites, and sometimes it is quite high. The price will greatly depend on this. But what if there is no traffic on your site? Traffic can be bought. And if there is no money, then you can get traffic by placing a link to your site on various thematic forums. There is an even easier way. You can post your ratings for free on high traffic forums. Such ratings quickly go to the top of search results. This method works, but it may turn off some of your clients. Therefore, we will consider 2 main areas, such as creating your own site for ratings and using other people's sites to post ratings. The choice will be yours.
  2. Landing page with its services. If you have your own website with Rating Marketing services, then you will be more trusted. But at first it will be quite possible to limit ourselves to the community on social networks. The choice is also yours. This point can be ignored altogether, because it does not form the basis of this case. But if you scale your business, then you will need to come to this.
  3. Contact database of your potential clients. You will need to collect a customer base from search. For example, enter in the search "Furniture Stores Moscow". You will find contacts on each site. You will need to collect these contacts for further mailing of commercial offers. Perhaps you have a parser program to make things even easier.
  4. Commercial offer. A well-written commercial offer is half of the whole story. In the future, we will analyze this point in detail.
  5. Copywriter. You will need to find a copywriter on any freelance exchange. You need this in order for you to write the rating text. You need to contact the copywriter after all the rating participants have been approved. Or you can write the text yourself. But the author of the course advises against wasting time on this. Because it is better to spend it on finding clients and so you will earn more.
  6. Payment details for your services. You need to prepare your account numbers in advance. It is advisable if you have several e-wallets ready at once, such as Yandex, Qiwi, WebMoney, as well as your bank card number. If the wallets are verified, then customers will trust you more and this can serve as a serious argument in your favor.


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Step 1. Preparing the site for the future rating. (For those who will go by creating their own sites)

If you decide to go by creating your sites for ratings, then we recommend using simple cms, such as Wordpress or Tilda. On the Internet, you will find a huge variety of free guides for creating sites on these engines. So this will not be a problem. And if you already have experience in creating websites, then it will be even easier. Either you make for each rating for a separate site, or you make a large site for all types of ratings. Each of the directions has its own advantage. One site under one rating will reach the top of the search results faster for its main query, because the main page gets more link weight. Thus, the site will quickly reach the top. But the traffic volume will most likely be small. Otherwise, you can create one site for all types of ratings. Such a site will develop more slowly, but it will have more potential for traffic growth. In the future, you can also make money on advertising. The site will need to be filled. If you have a site with one rating, in this case, you will need to create it immediately. And then on these sites to place sites on a paid basis. It will be necessary to resolve the issue with traffic. Without traffic, you will simply be ignored by your customers. You can buy ads in Yandex Direct. This way you will solve this problem. If you do not have money, then you can post on various thematic forums. Very often this allows you to get free traffic. Both options can be combined. In addition, you can receive traffic from social networks or buy ads on ad networks. But what is most interesting, after a good mailing of offers to customers, traffic itself begins to grow, due to the fact that your customers will go to your site. Very often this solves the traffic problem by 20-30% at first.

Step 2. Search for sites for the future rating (For those who will be posted on other people's sites)

You can start searching for advertising sites by entering a thematic query in Yandex or Google search. You need to find any blog with good traffic. You can go the other way, it is simpler. Go to the Miralinks exchange. This is a link selling exchange.

There you can filter sites by any topic and with any traffic. In either case, you will need to contact the site administrator and discuss the placement price with him. In most cases, everyone will agree because the site owners are interested in making money.


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Step 3. Creating a landing page with your services.

Creating a website with your own services is not such an important step, especially at first. But if, in addition to advertising platforms, you will also have your own website, then customers will take you more seriously. This means that you will have more clients and you will be able to expand your staff, and then scale this business. You can order a website from freelancers. Or make it yourself using simple engines such as Tilda or Wordpress. To get started, you can create a group on social networks. The main thing is to arrange it efficiently and beautifully. A site or community needs traffic. You can post a link to your project on forums with similar topics. This will drive traffic and sometimes customers. This is verified. From time to time it will be necessary to monitor your topics and raise them in the search results within the forums. It will be enough to do this once a week, publishing project news or promotions.

Step 4. Decide on the topic and collect the contact base.

How to decide on a topic? It is best if you work in the directions that you like. Or with those directions in which you understand at least a little. Open the Yandex Wordstat service. Enter in it any query related to the top or rating.

See what the demand will be. If the demand is too low or not at all, then it is not worth working with this direction. If the request is medium or bold, then it should be taken into work. Next, you will need to check the amount of competition. Go to Yandex search and type in this request.

See what your competitors are and how many there are. If there are no competitors, then great! Feel free to occupy a niche. If there are few competitors, then see that the request is not too low-frequency. If there are many competitors, then the tactic of creating one site under one rating may work. A site with a narrowly subject request to the home page gets more link power, as discussed earlier.

Now it remains to collect the contact database. You have already decided exactly on the topic with which you will work. Now enter the subject of the desired sites or organizations in the search. Go to each site and take contacts. Save the base to notepad.


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Step 5. We draw up a commercial offer and make a newsletter

Before you start writing a commercial proposal, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the classic formula for a strong proposal.
Offer = Product + Key Benefit + Facts. You have a product, it's placement in ratings. The benefit is what the client gets. And there are facts, this is what kind of traffic the site gets, how it affects the client's reputation, how many clicks he will receive, and so on. This formula is the framework for any commercial proposal. But in our case, the formula will be more adapted to the product that we offer.

Your offer must be time-bound and buzz must be created right away. After all, the number of places in the rating is limited. The entire dialogue will be broken down into 3 well-established steps. You only need to follow them:

1. First step. Example: “Good afternoon. We invite your service to take part in the rating of proxy stores. Limited number of seats. Are you ready to continue this dialogue? " Typically, the client responds as follows:
“Yes, ready, what is required for this? What conditions?".
Answers negatively.
Doesn't answer.
You don't need to respond to negativity at all.

2. Second stage. If the client writes that he is ready to continue the dialogue, then he can write the following: “There were too many people willing. We can still offer you the 3rd place in the rating. The first two are unfortunately already taken. For the price it will cost 4000 rubles. Accommodation is unlimited. " As you can see in this answer, we are creating a buzz.

3. Third step. The client literally lights up. We literally grab the ego of the business owner. The client simply cannot afford to be in the last place of the rating and he needs to be in the top 3. After all, this is a business and it is important to be number one here. Typically, this message is followed by a second client response:
"Do we agree, what is required of us?"
"We're not interested."
Any negative.

We will not answer the negative and the refusal in any way. Objections must be dealt with. In this case, give the facts. And answer the consent with your details and ask the client for his wishes in the text. As for the mailing list. I recommend using multiple gmail accounts for email addresses. You can work with them without a proxy. Just create multiple mailboxes for your business. Send mailing from each address to 20-30 addresses so that accounts do not fly to the ban for spam. To send messages to telegrams and other social networks, stock up on accounts and proxies.


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Step 6. Order execution

You have already collected money from everyone and received wishes for the texts. Next, you need to go to the freelance services exchange. You can use any, be it Kwork or FL. It is advisable that you find one or two copywriters for permanent work. Then you no longer have to look for anyone in the future. It will be easy to ask for changes in the text, and immediately give assignments. I would like to add one important thing. Set deadlines for the copywriter to meet. Because the level of your productivity depends on the timing of its work. While the copywriter is writing, you can already take on a different rating and so on. Please note that after the submission of the work, your clients may be asked to amend the text. This can happen often. It is advisable to warn the copywriter about this in advance. If the order has already been completed, consider that the job is done. But this is not always the case. Some clients answer their emails late. And it happens that they start paying you extra for you to place them in the rating. Not bad, huh? In this case, you will need to work with the same copywriter.


1. Pricing. As for the cost of placing in your ratings. Don't bend the price too much, because there will be a lot of rejections. And don't make the price too low because it will alienate your customers. Take it in the middle and you won't go wrong. The first place is the most expensive, the second is cheaper, and so on. Sometimes you can also add "Bonus 1st place". This is in special cases, when the client really really wants the first place, but it has already been taken. Don't forget one very important thing. Each topic has its own pricing policy. In different areas, different levels of income. Therefore, the price of your services should always be flexible. Somewhere you can offer the first place for 10,000 rubles, but somewhere only for 3,000 rubles.

2. Subtle negotiation. With experience, you will learn to feel good about customer dialogues. And sometimes at once. You should immediately see where the client is leading or where it is taking you. With experience, this can be seen in the client's first response. If you already know that the client will not pay, then leave this dialogue silently. Don't waste your time on this. And sometimes it happens that the client simply has nothing to do. He will ask you a lot of questions, and then he will refuse, say something bad to take you for a living, etc. In order not to bring this up, learn to immediately cut off such clients. And in order to cut them off, learn to identify them on various grounds in the first response to your letter. If the client immediately agreed, then most likely in 90% of cases he will pay. If the client is interested, but there are objections, then it is worth working with them. Deal with objections exactly once. If the client objects again, then it is not your client.

3. Average sales statistics. On average, 5-8% of clients agree to participate in ratings. To get 5 clients, you will need to submit 100 offers. These are approximate figures. But again it depends on the area you choose. Somewhere, in principle, there may be few potential customers, but somewhere there are a lot.