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How effective is it to promote your project in various forums?

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Команда форума
I have been promoting my projects on forums for several years now. I think this is quite effective if done correctly. You can hire freelancers to create themes. Axleboxes are also well suited. Comes out pretty cheap. But again, forum promotion is not suitable for all topics.
What are the advantages of promoting on forums? You can create themes for free. Here you pay only with your time. The cost of a click will cost 5 minutes of your time, and not 10 rubles as in direct. This is a core plus. Cheap traffic. And what is the disadvantage? Most of the clicks may not be very targeted. Many clients will be insolvent.
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What is the benefit of posting advertising on forums?

  • With this ad, people will go to your site, and some of them will be your customers.
  • The cost per click from such advertising will tend to close to zero, because from one forum your site can receive an unlimited number of conversions. When from contextual advertising the cost of a click sometimes costs 50 rubles or even higher.
  • Search engine robots will trust your site more because the number of mentions will increase. And along with this, the position of the site in the search results will grow.
Placement of the site in the ratings, what does it give?

  • Many users turn to ratings in order to make their choice when purchasing goods or services. Of course they will choose your site because it is Top 1.
  • Besides customers, your site will receive traffic. The amount of traffic is unlimited.
  • Search engines will trust your site more from such high quality mentions. The position of your site in the search results will grow.