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How to create an online sales funnel? Detailed Guide

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How to create an online sales funnel? What is it in simple words.

In the image, we see what the sales funnel consists of. Let's briefly go over each item and write everything down. Let's explain how to put a sales funnel on your website.

1. Awareness. In other words, interest in the product. A potential client visits a blog and reads an article about a product or a product close to the subject.

2. Interest. The client reads the article and sees an advertisement for the product. Pays attention to advertising and then either leaves the site and returns later, or immediately goes to the store.

3. Need. If a customer has entered the store, it means that he has a need awakened or already had it.

4. Purchase. A customer buys a product.

5. Repeat purchase or loyalty. The client is satisfied with the product and he comes back again.

How to add a sales funnel to your online store?


To do this, you need to create an informational blog that will be linked to your store. This method is currently the most powerful. In the blog, write articles related to the subject of your products or services. You will receive targeted traffic. Write only quality articles without unnecessary water. No copy-paste. Search robots pay attention to the time spent on the site and, due to this, make a conclusion about the sites. The more interesting your blog is, the faster your site will go to the top. And the more targeted traffic you get and the funnel will attract more and more customers. I wish you success!