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How to make money by boosting subscribers? Case

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Is it realistic to get rich by cheating subscribers? Business scheme


You will get rich easily! Just take a course on smm, make yourself a website and clients will trample. The demand is great! No, well, the demand is really high for the service of attracting subscribers. But you won't be able to earn a lot right away. In this article, I will talk about the pitfalls that await along the way, give advice to beginners and share my experience.

SMM guy! Just work and there will be money.

Or they won't if you do it wrong or ugly. Let's take a look at all the steps you need to take to open a subscriber promotion service:

  • Choosing a reseller. Most services are mediation. Otherwise, you will have to buy accounts all the time that will ban and buy proxies. This work is not easy and not always profitable, believe me. Much easier to engage in just mediation. You just need to choose a service where you will order cheap and high quality.
  • Service launch. You will need your own website. You can do it yourself, if you know how, or hire a freelancer. But there is a much easier way. At first, you can just start taking orders in your telegram. You can even create your own channel with information about services and prices. Now many people do that.
  • Service advertisement. To have clients, you will need to conduct an advertising campaign. The more advertising, the more customers there will be. Of the free options, forums, telegram chats, communities on social networks and freelance exchanges are suitable for advertising. There are really a lot of clients. You just need to be able to find them. Of the paid options, contextual advertising, teaser networks, banners on various resources, advertising in telegram channels and communities in social networks are well suited.
  • Scaling. Over time, the number of orders will grow, the service will need to scale. Invest your first money in advertising.

What pitfalls should you expect in this business?

Yes, no! Joke .. In fact, there are pitfalls here. And there are enough of them, like in any other business. Let's list the most basic ones:

  • You may want to buy advertising in Yandex Direct, but it is understandable, a thing that is necessary at first glance. So, Yandex doesn't like the word “cheat”. If this awful word is written on your site, you simply will not pass the moderation. Replace this word with “Attraction”.
  • Social networks such as Vkontakte and Instagram also do not like the word “cheat” and punish it by blocking the community. Replace this word with “attraction”. By the way, some ad networks don't like this word either. In general, it's better not to say this dangerous word anywhere, otherwise suddenly you will be sent to prison.)))
  • In this business, there is a lot of competition in the search results of Yandex and Google. Yes, unfortunately this is true. Forgive me, they won't tell you about this at SMM trainings. Therefore, you should not hope that your site will take any position in the search results for high-frequency queries. LF, maybe .. But not in the first month. Therefore, focus more on other types of advertising, and there are not so few of them.
  • Reseller capacity is not always sufficient for large orders. Someday a client will make an order for 10 or 20 thousand subscribers and you will understand this. Everything has a limit. The cheat can freeze at several thousand and wind up very slowly. It's true, only it's a secret!