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How to scale your smm business?

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How to take smm business to the next level?


Sooner or later, any business faces the challenge of reaching a new level. Before moving on to scaling, you need to confidently gain a foothold at the level where your studio is now. You should already have regular customers and receive orders consistently. Your site should already be receiving organic traffic and from there you should receive orders consistently. On average, it takes 1 year for a business to gain a foothold on the Internet. Until that time, any studio goes through its thorny path of testing and gains experience. Usually, after a year, the site reaches a new level in the search results, and then it will be possible to move on to a new stage. If you have come this hard way in one year, I congratulate you. Many stop after a few months or six months and give up this business. If you're ready to advance to the semi-finals, I suggest moving on to the next paragraphs of this article.

1. Revision and change of the concept of the services provided.

Before you can jump to the next level, you will need to adjust your service delivery concept and customer relationship policy. Your services should be as clear as possible for customers and for your future sellers. First of all, you do not provide services, but a product with a specific cost and a clear description. The product should be as simple and necessary for your customers as possible. If the product is specific, simple and straightforward, then it can be scaled up.

2. Review of the customer relations policy.

The customer relations policy will form the basis for future transactions that sellers will make. Interaction with customers is based on clear principles. Personally, you and every salesperson must strictly follow these rules. First, you must have a clear pricing policy. You have a specific smm product and a specific price for that product. For each of your products there is a specific category of customers who will be satisfied with their cost and content. Second, you must have clear guidelines for dealing with your organization. It is necessary to determine exactly how you will accept payment. Whether you work on a full prepaid basis or on a partial basis. The vector of your further development will depend on the choice of these principles. Without principles, you simply won't have a business.

3. A clear portrait of your customers

You have already gained some experience and know your clients approximately. You have established prices, some are satisfied with them, and some are not. You need to clearly understand which client you will be working with in the future. Be it a medium-sized business or an individual. You need to be clearly defined and act in only one way.

5. Formation of personnel

For further scaling, you need new frames. Without new staff, further growth will be impossible. It is quite possible to hire everyone remotely. First, you definitely need to blog on your site. To do this, you need to have a copywriter and editor on staff. The blog should constantly be releasing new useful articles - this will give more and more traffic and new customers. For each of your products, you need to assign performers. Which performers you need depends on the specifics of your robots. Next, you will need a HR engineer - for a permanent recruitment of salespeople. Next, you will need salespeople - each of them must work strictly in their own way. It is necessary to accurately determine the policy of remuneration of their new employees. For someone there will be a salary, for someone interest on transactions, or both.

6. Tasks of each specialist.

You must clearly outline the tasks of each specialist for yourself and for employees. You must have clear technologies for the provision of your services for specialists, as well as clear sales technologies for sellers. Each employee should develop only in their own way, only then will your business start moving.

7. Your organization's attitudes and corporate culture

Any large organization has a goal to strive for. You must clearly understand this goal. Many organizations even write down their mission in the charter. The purpose or mission of the organization should be clear to all of your employees. Your organization's vision should be clearly aligned with the goal it is moving towards. You must have a top manager or opinion leader on your team. The opinions of such people are most often listened to and through them it is possible and necessary to form views in the team.

8. Clear hierarchy of management

In the organization, you need to correctly arrange personnel. You should only interact with personnel through top managers and personnel engineers. Your staff should also contact their managers directly on any issue, and managers should contact you if necessary.

9. What should the boss focus on?

You have passed all the previous points. You have clearly scheduled all tasks for each employee. The whole state works in its own way. The mechanism works well. The boss needs to focus on the reports that the bosses provide him. The most important indicator is the level of capitalization. If the level of capitalization falls, then it is necessary to look for a problem in the staffing structure, to revise the concept of the services provided or the interaction policy. If incomes remain at the same level and do not grow, then more personnel need to be recruited. If the expansion of the workforce does not increase sales, then the problem lies in the concept of the product itself and in the policy of interaction with customers. Sometimes you need to improve the competence of your staff.

10. Where to get more clients?

You already have experience in finding clients and you know exactly where they are, you also know the portrait of your client. During the first year of work, you probed various types of advertising and customer search. You need to understand exactly which direction of customer search is the most converting for you. This direction will act as a lever and you need to make maximum emphasis on it. When this lever begins to give you the maximum result, then it is already worth directing forces to other levers that were less effective, but still worked. Your profits will grow, you will be able to expand your staff and explore new ways to increase sales.

That's all. Hope you enjoyed it. Write your comments if you have anything to add.