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Introduction to the business of cheating subscribers in social networks

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How much money is there in the field of cheating? And a little bit about the ecosystem around social networks.

In our time, social networks have already gained tremendous popularity and continue to develop. Now it is difficult to find a person who does not use social networks. For some, this is a means of communication. For someone a way of self-expression. For some, this is an advertisement for a business or personal brand. And someone just uses social networks as a way of leisure. Over the past 15 years, social networks have developed a highly developed ecosystem. Around them, webmasters have created thousands of different information sites with various instructions and reviews. It is understandable, the demand for information creates a supply. In addition to information sites with guides, the network has a lot of different services and agencies that provide promotion services in social networks. For example, you can enter the query "Cheat subscribers"in Yandex Wordstat. An average of 160-200 thousand people apply to Yandex alone for this request per month.


This is only one type of request. Can you imagine how much money there is in this business? And let's just imagine. Let's assume that the average price per subscriber is 60 kopecks. On average, one customer will order 500 subscribers. 500 subscribers will cost an average of 300 rubles. Now we multiply 160 thousand requests by 300 rubles = 48 million rubles. These are approximate turnover figures for only one bold query. But there are a lot of other requests for which people are looking for this service. We are talking about several hundred million rubles or even 1 billion. This is an approximate monthly turnover of funds in this area of activity. Now you understand that there is money in this field of activity, and this business is definitely worth doing.

Your personal integration into the subscriber promotion business

You have already read the approximate figures of cash turnover in this business. Very attractive statistics of the demand and the turnover of the draw, isn't it? Of course Yes! The only question is that simply launching the service will not be enough. In this turnover, you need to somehow integrate or integrate. Call it what you like. How much you integrate your service into this area depends on two important factors:
the market Demand for your service.
The level of advertising for your service.
It is worth analyzing these two points in more detail. As for the market demand for your service. The basis of this market has been formed for a long time, like 10 years. These are wholesale services and large sellers. The bulk of the turnover goes through wholesale services, because medium-sized and very small services work through them. Wholesale services such as Vto.pe, Likest, ad-social and BossLike have steadily occupied their niches for a long time. They provide promotion at wholesale prices. Their own environment has been formed around them and almost all other services work through them. This is the heart of the market. Most likely, there is no need for new services at this level of the market, and if there is, then prices should be even cheaper. It will be very difficult and expensive to implement this technically. Even if it is worth looking in this direction, in any case, you should always start small. Now let's look at large Resellers. These are services that are connected to wholesalers. They promptly occupied their niches in Yandex and Google search for bold search queries. These sites account for quite a bit of traffic and customers. It is not easy to move such sites. The question is, should I?! By the way, sometimes they leave themselves. But more on that later.

And now for small services. There are quite a few of them, because this market is very large. Small services take traffic from low-frequency queries in Yandex and Google search, as well as from social networks, forums, blogs, banners, advertising networks, contextual advertising, etc.. Later, we will take a closer look at all paid and free traffic sources. I think you understand that after you just launch your service, it will fall into the category of small ones. And the further movement of your service to the heart of the market will depend on the level of advertising. What about the market demand for your service? You must understand that this market is huge and it can cope without your service. Therefore, our task is to form the market demand for your service. And we will do this with the help of advertising. And this is the second point. "Advertising is the engine of trade." If you don't declare your service, then no one will know about it. The more ads there are, the more customers there will be. This is quite logical. But advertising is different from advertising. Your competitors also advertise their services. In another part of the course, we will look at all the advertising tools in more detail, and you will learn how to cross out advertising for your service with advantages.

Stages of development of the cheat service


In absolutely any business, there are 4 main stages of development. This is the origin, growth, peak and decline. This scheme is applicable to any economic model. According to this law, the economy of the world, the country, as well as any small and medium-sized business is developing. The cheat service is no exception. As soon as you launch your service, it will develop exactly according to the same model. Now let's take a closer look at all the stages of development of our business:


1. Launch the service. This stage can be called preparatory. You are preparing your service for launch. Then launch it and give the first ad. With the first ad, your service will get its first customers. The quality of your services and the level of advertising will already determine the transition of your service to the second stage. If you don't sow enough ads and you still have a poor service, then most likely it won't go to the second stage. And you'll just walk away from it. This happens to many newcomers. Therefore, your service must have a high quality of services. What is the high quality of services?
- Attractive website design.
- Description of services.
- Affordable price.
- Responsiveness of the support service.
- The quality of subscribers ' accounts and the speed of promotion.
- Positive feedback.
Number of ads
These are the main criteria for high quality services. The more these points are tightened, the faster the transition to the second stage will be made. Customer loyalty is the key to success in moving to the second stage.


2. The stage of growth. You have already received your first clients at the launch stage. Some of these customers have already returned to your service for repeated orders. You have already started earning a little and can afford to invest some of your money in advertising. This increases the level of your advertising and brings more and more customers to your service. Your revenue is growing, some new customers are returning again, and you are investing in advertising again. This is how the growth stage passes. By the way, traffic on your site is also growing, customers create behavioral factors. This is very important for website promotion in search engines, because behavioral factors are the main ranking criteria for search robots. We'll talk about this later.

3. Peak. After some time, growth may stop. Your service already has a lot of advertising, has a good site position in the search, and you earn good money. But there is no further growth. What is the reason for this? With the fact that in any field there is a limited capacity of clients and performers. Each service has its own customer capacity. Some services can handle large volumes, while others can handle smaller volumes. Whether your service will continue to grow depends on whether the demand for the service will grow. If the demand for the service increases, then the capacity of customers also increases. Your growth may still depend on whether someone gives you their place. And this is in the truest sense. After all, there are those services that pass their peak of development and then leave the market. Why they leave the market, we will also talk about this.

4. Decline. This is the final stage of development of any service. Any service owner who has reached the peak understands that it has already been passed. This understanding comes from the fact that the number of sales is no longer growing and the service is simply nowhere to advertise. Roughly speaking, this is the ceiling. The service has nowhere to develop further. The stage of personal development of the owner in this case also reaches a peak. What should I do now? There is no point in closing the service, because it still makes a profit. An experienced service owner begins to diversify downside risks, i.e. protect them. He invests part of the revenue from the service in a new business. Part of the advertising budget from the service is also spent on an advertising campaign for a new business. Thus, the investor gets a new personal stage of development and new growth in a new business. Then the previous service will receive less attention and less investment. The service will decline and it will give way to another one. This stage cannot be avoided.

Why do customers order a cheat service?

This point is very important, because you must have a good idea of what kind of service you provide to people. Subscribers and likes are often ordered by bloggers, because they need to create a stir to their content, and maintain the level of engagement of their audience. The promotion is also ordered by business owners. If an organization doesn't have subscribers in the community, then it won't be trusted by customers. Almost any young people order a cheat. They do this to maintain interest in their social media accounts. As well as to gain personal popularity among peers and the opposite sex. The promotion is ordered by webmasters. They do this so that their communities get higher search positions within the social network itself, as well as within Yandex and Google search. As you can see, this service is used by a fairly wide audience.