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Is it worth investing a lot of money in paid site advertising?

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Which advertising strategy to choose?

A very relevant question for many investors and webmasters. Within this theme, there are two basic directions of development for online stores. In the first case, it is a focus on paid advertising. And in the second case, it is a focus on generating organic traffic. In some cases, these directions are combined. This option will be the most efficient, but more resource-intensive. Most often, only the highest budget projects use this option. In principle, you can go any way. As an author, I personally prefer the path of generating organic traffic. Let's take a closer look at the two main areas of development.

Promotion through paid advertising

In this case, the project is based on a paid advertising strategy. The structure of the site, as a rule, will not be geared towards the generation of organic matter. The site will receive purchased traffic. With each wave of traffic on the site, a loyal audience will settle. The site will go to normal positions in the search results due to behavioral factors. As a rule, in this case it is worth planning several powerful advertising campaigns.
The first wave is always test. In the future, you will have to constantly buy additional traffic to maintain the level of engagement, this is a minus. But it will be possible to work with this minus by changing the concept of the project a little in favor of generating organic matter.

Website promotion through organic search results

In this case, you need to immediately adjust the site structure to receive organic content. Your site will have 2 main sections: Commerce and Blog (forum). Commerce has a lower priority in the search results than an information blog. This is due to the policy of the search engines. You will need to create both a commercial section and an informational one. The information section of the site will have to be constantly and steadily developed. This will require staff and resources. Over time, the investment pays off. In 12-18 months, the site will start receiving a lot of traffic. But how serious the traffic volumes will be, it depends on how much you focus your efforts on the information section of the site. Long waiting for the result, this is the main disadvantage of this path.

So which direction is best?

Both directions are good in their own way. In the first case, your business will quickly start getting customers. But very often it takes a long time for the investment in advertising to be fully justified. In the second case, it is too long to wait for the return on the project and it may seem that the work is going to waste. But the cash costs will not be large and in the end the project will pay off. Both directions of development can quite compete with each other in terms of reaching a stable income. In the first case, it will take time to recoup investments in advertising and start working in a plus. In the second case, it takes time to get some kind of income. The potential for capitalization growth in both cases may be the same. The choice of the concept is always determined by the capabilities of the startup and the competence.
That's all. I hope you enjoyed the article. Share your opinions in the comments.