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POV: what are these stories

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The meaning of pov is intuitively clear, but if you still have not figured out the increasingly popular flash mob, then we will now tell you everything.

What is and where did it come from
A similar condition is found in fanfiction - the writing of fans of a particular fandom. In fact, there the pov is purely a first-person narrative and nothing else. There is little surprising and innovative in the genre itself; this often happens in literature, even among classical works. But in Tiktok it is often used in the context of another genre popular in the same fanfiction - ay.

Ay is an alternative universe, and any that the author thinks about. It can be a universe where events in the narration of an already written history have gone some other way, or maybe a completely different world. In fact, ay can be called any book, film and game, since the events taking place in them did not take place in real life. But among connoisseurs of the genre, the work of au is considered to be in two cases:

  1. If it mentions original events or a pristine plot, and a certain line is visible between them and the author's conjecture;
  2. If the universe has its own characteristics that are not inherent in our
As you understand, it is the second case that is popular in tiktok now. Bloggers come up with their own rules and foundations, thanks to which they can tell a story.

Why is it so popular
The features of the format allow you not to worry about details and not think over everything to the smallest detail. You are literally throwing away the idea of the whole world by the example of only one case, the alleged case of the viewer. These features will help tell a story with some kind of morality and deep meaning, because you can turn the rules of the game at any time.

The most popular POV plots are the presence of superpowers, a word limit, belonging to a social class, and so on. In this case, the objects of stories are most often adolescents.

Quite often, povs end humorously. This happens when people are already fed up with the trend and begin to sneer at it.

How to come up with your pov
In order to shoot an original plot, you first need to come up with a story and a moral to which you will lead. The POV itself serves only as a tool that helps you in a short time to reveal the whole idea of your idea.

It also means that an interesting condition alone will not be enough. After all, you are writing a mini-script, where there should be an introductory part and a climax - something for which the video was filmed.