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The scheme of passive earnings on the monitoring of exchange offices

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There are many monitors of exchange offices on the Internet. In them, people choose currency exchangers in order to make an exchange profitable. And monitors earn their commission for the exchange. Here is such a simple scheme of the work of these monitoring. Almost all monitors have partner programs. They pay for people attracted by a referral link.

Here is a screenshot from my personal account in one monitoring. As you can see, for all the time he brought me $ 18. And quite passively. This is just one monitoring, and there are many of them.

What do we have to do?

You need to attract people through an affiliate link. Monitors pay per visit. More specifically, they pay for the second visit. For example, if someone followed your link, and then returned to the site after some time, then monitoring pays you on average from 0.04 to 0.15 dollars. This is not bad at all. Your task is to sow as many referral links as possible on various resources. Next, you will be dripping passive income. In addition to the main income, the same people who want to earn money will register using your link. These will be your referrals. They will also bring you passive income. You will receive income from the income of your referrals. After seeding the referral link, you will not need to do anything. You just have to wait, and the money will gradually drip.

What monitors should you work with?

As you may have guessed, there are a great many. All of them are at different stages of development. Some pay well, and some don't. Some have already gained their customer capacity, and some are just gaining. I will provide links to those monitoring, the trend of which is still growing at the moment. Each monitoring contains my referral link. I have the right, because I am the author of this scheme. You will do exactly the same, but just insert your referral links into this scheme.

  • Kurs.Expert. In my opinion, this is the monitoring of the top 1 in terms of earnings at the moment. He came to Russia not so long ago from Ukraine and is now gaining momentum. Therefore, it is worth working with him. He pays very generously, on average $ 0.09 per attracted visitor. Money is withdrawn without any problems. Upon registration, you will receive $ 1 on your account. And the minimum withdrawal amount for the first time will be $ 2. And then $ 1. In addition, he also has a crane. You can also attract users to the faucet and you will still receive a commission from their income.
  • OkChanger. Another top-end monitoring. Brings $ 0.02 for the first visit and the same for a return. Which is not bad at all.
  • Bestchange. This monitoring is the most famous and most popular. Pays an average of $ 0.09 per unique visit. I indicated this monitoring as the last one, because its trend has almost reached its peak. It will be more difficult to attract unique visitors to it than in the first 2 monitoring sessions. But you can also work with him.
How to promote your referral link?

There are a lot of ways, but I will only talk about the most working and fastest. Because these affiliate networks have their own characteristics.

  • Insert your referral links into this course and share it. Create threads on forums with course sinks. There are many such forums. Find them in the search by the key "Draining courses". The course will start downloading almost immediately. People will follow your links and do just like you. And you will receive passive income from their income. Before that, copy the course and save it in Word format.
  • Create threads on regular forums about how you started earning monitored exchangers. Post screenshots of your income and other information. People will follow your referral links and bring you income. Save links to the created topics in a notepad or any document. Once every 3 days, your topics should be “Apat with fresh news so that they rise. So it will be even more confusing. But this is optional. Of course, you can just do a one-time sowing and get passive income.
  • In the monitoring of KursEkspert there is a crane that issues money every hour. It is very easy to attract people from various thematic forums to this faucet, as there are many people who specialize in fundraising from such faucets. From their income, you will receive income constantly, literally every hour. This is verified.