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What is Lipsink on Tik Tok and why is it so popular

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Tik Tok is a well-known platform where developers have combined music and videos. At the moment, the number of application users exceeds 500 million people around the world. Tik Tok has gained immense popularity for a reason. The app's creators used a rather aggressive advertising campaign. The ad was aimed at a teenage audience. Teenagers are always actively trying something new, so the developers managed to draw attention to the new music service.

How musical.ly began
In 2016, Musical.ly actively bought ads from bloggers, as well as from Google Adwords. At that time, the application had just appeared in China, the developers decided to expand the number of users around the world. In 2017, the company that owns Tik Tok (formerly Douyin) bought the rights to Musical.ly for $ 1 billion and became the full owner. The updated application retained all functions, users were simply transferred to a similar platform.

The main audience of Tik Tok is teenagers under 19. Most people found out about the app either through advertisements in front of YouTube videos or word of mouth - music videos from Tik Tok were uploaded to other social networks.

It all started with short videos to music at Musical.ly. Now on Tik Tok, people record life hacks, share life stories, post dance videos and other entertaining content.

Initially, Musical.ly and later Tik Tok were prejudiced as the company makes aggressive advertising. Indeed, there are quite a few advertisements for the program on all social networks. However, the number of users is increasing daily. This means that the benefits of the application cover a huge amount of ads.

What is Lipsink, and where did it come from
The name of this type of content as “lip sync” comes from the English expression lip sync, which literally means “open your mouth to the soundtrack”. The meaning of this format in Tik Tok is to record a video in which the lips move in sync with the original song or voice.

The simplest example of a lip-sync is the performance of the stars to the soundtrack. The essence of the format when recording a video on Tik Tok is the same. Most importantly, use the lip sync function so that the background music is compatible with your movements and reactions. To do this, it is important to correctly calibrate and timing. In these videos, a lot of the viewer's attention is paid to detail and synchronicity. Everything should be perfect for the viewer to appreciate the efforts.

Why many do not like lip sync and call it hack
Many users do not accept lip-sync because they find such videos too simple. But bloggers who shoot lipstick do not think so, because they know what kind of work is sometimes behind such “simple” music videos. As already mentioned, for the video to work, lip sync and the music (or background voice) must be perfect. To achieve such a result is not obtained immediately and not for everyone.